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Phrase Express Autotext 4.01.14

Phrase Express Autotext 4.01.14: Adds frequently used text snippets into any application utility also support customizable counter variables for automatic order numbers or support tickets, etc. Additionally, PhraseExpress automates your daily procedures, like logging into web accounts, e.g Ebay auction platform, Hotmail, etc. Powerful macro functions launches programs and performs programmable actions in a snap. PhraseExpress is also great for Laptop or Tablet PC with small or any keyboard on board. This keyboard macro utility is fully

On-Screen Keyboard Magic 1.0: Elegant features for Microsoft Windows On-Screen Keyboard.
On-Screen Keyboard Magic 1.0

Keyboard Magic is intended to improve usability and accessibility of Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard. On-Screen Keyboard Magic supports the following versions of Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard: Windows XP On-Screen Keyboard, Windows 2000 On-Screen Keyboard, Windows 2003 On-Screen Keyboard, Windows Vista On-Screen Keyboard. On-Screen Keyboard Magic is small tray-based program. With it you can: 1.Change size and transparency of Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard

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Keyboard Express Save time by creating macros to automate boring, repetitive computer tasks.
Keyboard Express

Keyboard Express is a robust Windows keyboard macro utility that saves time and reduces errors by automating repetitive computer tasks. Record keystrokes or build a sequence of steps for the computer to play back. Then, with the push of a key or two, run the macro sequence at a much faster speed than can be produced manually. Save time and significantly reduce errors whenever the macro is run. Create a number of macros and watch your productivity

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Remote Keystrokes Recorder Remote keystroke recorder software capture screenshots, passwords, typed URL
Remote Keystrokes Recorder

Keyboard monitoring application tracks all keyboard characters including special characters (@#$!%^&*) and all functional characters. Remote keystrokes recorder utility hides its installation files from start menu, add/remove program, control panel and also from desktop. Download keylogger program bypasses all antivirus software and anti keylogger security. Keyboard activities capture utility works with all windows operating system including windows

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Invisible Remote Keylogger Advanced keylogger software traces activities of user on internet and computer
Invisible Remote Keylogger

Keyboard monitoring tool cannot be detected by any antivirus. Invisible remote keylogger software records typed documents like word, notepad, excel and access into confidential log file. Keyboard keylogger software also records voice chat conversation and instant messaging on all latest messengers. Advanced keystroke monitoring utility stores function keys or special keys pressed by user. Keyboard recorder software is compatible with all Windows

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Advanced Invisible Keylogger Advance Keylogger tool records visited URLs, windows screenshots and keystrokes
Advanced Invisible Keylogger

Keyboard monitor utility works in hidden mode and not tracked by any antivirus software. Keystroke recording tool protects unauthorized user to change or modify software configuration or settings. Windows Vista Keylogger software is case sensitive while recording key pressed by keyboard. Advance Keylogger software helps parents to watch activities of his children net surfing or other activities performed on computer system. Keyboard monitor tool

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fKey Template Designer 2.02.0005: fKey keyboard template design tool for all keyboards and programs. v2.02 - $40
fKey Template Designer 2.02.0005

A keyboard template design tool to construct and print a template of any program`s function key and shortcut key combinations. The program prints a template to fit all presently known keyboard layouts. The keyboard template may also be adjusted for three rows of function key combinations with either the alternate key or control key row displayed. The program contains a Wizard to step the user through the design. By SigmaTech Software, v2.02 - $40

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